Типи дискурсивних особистостей в американському суді


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дискурсологія, дискурсивна особистість, професійна комунікація, судовий дискурс, комунікативна стратегія, інтегральний підхід


Within the framework of linguopersonology, which has been actively developing in recent
years, different aspects of linguistic personality are distinguished: psychological, sociological, culturological, linguistic, sociological, communicative. This article is also based on the integrated approach, but in the first place, the sphere of communication is examined, i.e. discourse. In this regard,
it is appropriate to speak precisely about a discursive linguistic personality, by which we mean such a
linguistic personality, whose specific individual characteristics and communicative competences are
manifested in the discursive activity within a discourse of a certain type.
On the one hand, a discursive linguistic personality is a linguistic personality who generates a certain
discourse and, on the other hand, a discursive linguistic personality belongs to the discourse and is
as a creator of different varieties of discourse. Acting as a participant of professional communicative
process, the discursive linguistic personality should possess certain communicative skills: to set adequate goals, to form an adequate communicative strategy; to be able to adequately use a variety of
tactical communication techniques; to be able to present her position effectively. On this basis, types
of discursive personalities in the Аmerican court have been identified: elitist discursive personalities
and egalitarian discursive personalities.
The practical value of the paper is in providing the possibility of using its provisions and conclusions,
the factual material in the study of communicative science, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, in
the practice of translation, linguistics and area studies, in the course of legal writing, oratory.
The theoretical value of the paper is in the fact that the article for the first time distinguishes different
types of discursive personalities in the American court.
The research is promising, as it would be interesting to establish the linguistic means that are
used by different linguistic personalities in American courts.

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Маргарита Зайцева

Зайцева Маргарита Олексіївна – кандидат філологічних наук, доцент кафедри іноземних
мов № 2 Національного юридичного університету імені Ярослава Мудрого, https://orcid.org/
0000-0003-4304-3644; m.o.zaitseva@nlu.edu.u




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Зайцева, М. (2021). Типи дискурсивних особистостей в американському суді. Волинь філологічна: текст і контекст, (31), 227–234. вилучено із https://volyntext.vnu.edu.ua/index.php/volyntext/article/view/970



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